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Maxine Mak


I bring design thinking to create products and experiences people love using. An active listener who strives to communicate and understand different parties’ needs to form mutual agreements and put forward the best solutions to facilitate projects and execute ideas. With my knowledge and experience in aesthetics, UX/UI, HCI, I am passionate about bringing usable and useful designs to the audience.




Design Softwares 

  • Sketch 

  • Figma 

  • Adobe XD 

  • Flinto


  • Adobe Illustrator 

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Premiere

Usability Test / User Research Software


  • Optimal Workshop 

  • Usability Hub

  • Keyhole 

  • Useberry 

  • Maze 

  • Survey Monkey

  • User Research 

  • Prototyping & Wireframing 

  • Interaction Design 

  • Human Factor 

  • Mental Model & Information Architecture  

  • Ethnography

  • Design Thinking 

  • Emotion Design 

  • Psychology of Usable Things 

  • Consumer Psychology 

  • Usability Benchmarking

  • Usability Inspection Methods 

  • Usability Testing Methods  

  • Moderating Usability Test 

  • Project Management 

  • Branding 

  • Advertising Design

  • Copywriting 

  • Visual Design & Typography 

  • Agile Development Methodology 

  • Leadership

  • Sale & Marketing



03 Experience


Joom E-commerce

User Experience Researcher 

Lead UX meetings and workshops amongst product managers, UX/UI designers, and other stakeholders. 

Plan different kinds of research activities and workshops and construct research methodologies based on defined problems from PM, prior research findings, and other stakeholders. 

2019 - 2022

Banking & Finance 

User Experience Research & Design 

Set up a Usability Lab with Design Thinking Methodology. Organized and planned a variety of research activities and tasks for conducting usability tests & user research. Evaluated user research to convert abstract ideas and requirements into planning tools such as journey maps, user personas, and storyboards. Conducting both moderated and unmoderated usability tests for different types of mobile banking products including, $10K Government Funding Scheme, PlanAhead, Exchange(FX), Remittance, Invest, Time Deposit, Transfer, Travel Insurance, Funds, Mortgage Planner, etc.

Redesigned mobile banking products with design thinking methodology: Payment App Homepage, E-Contact, FX, Mortgage Planner, Time Deposit, etc.

Led and guided junior designers and interns in conducting usability tests, user research, creative UIs, and videos. Collaborated with teammates and was an active listener and facilitator in the team.


Grazia Fashion Magazine

Digital Advertising & Marketing

Performed market analysis and researched the latest trends on luxury items.

Prepared reports detailing project updates, performance information, and ongoing trends.

Analyzed developments of popular WeChat accounts (Health & Fitness, Food & Entertainment) including studying their positioning, demographic data, copywriting tactics, promotional strategies, revenue model to determine optimal targets and marketing strategies in creating similar nature accounts.

Researched trends and generated ideas for the content of Garzia magazine-Christmas and Watch & Jewellery edition.

Using storytelling methods and copywriting tactics to create intruding content for promotion.

2018 - 2019


User Experience Designer

Created Prototypes and wireframes for a volunteer-tutoring App called Smartcheck.

Conducted user research and usability test to enhance the usability and user experience of the App.

Maintained and managed the Facebook page of Smartcheck.


Attended fintech hackathon organized by Microsoft & Bitwisehack. Brainstormed financial solutions and pitching the solution in the Cyberport incubation programme.

Liaised with secondary schools, social workers and NGOs to arrange different homework tutoring services for students in need.

Created marketing materials and develop marketing strategies in promoting SmartCheck.

Keyboard and Mouse

I provide both UI&UX solutions.

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Tel: +852 66570722

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