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BoC Pay

Usability Test 

First Click test based on scenarios and tasks given to users. Follow-up questions to check if users understand functions, semantic meanings of icons.

For Example, 

1. You are at a supermarket and want to check out and pay for your groceries. Where do you click to show the QR Code for payment? 

1. Where do you click if you want to check out your account balance?

2. You are paying your bill with BoC Pay, but your account does not have a sufficient amount. Where do you click to up the amount?

3. Have you heard of U-plan? If so, where have you heard of that? What do you think it is about?

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Usability Test


Click Test + Survey


You are standing in from of an ATM on the street, wanting to withdraw some cash from the ATM, but just figure out that you had forgotten to take your debit card/ATM card with you. 

Luckily, you have your mobile phone on your hand and can use the latest QR Cash function to withdraw cash.



1. Heat-map 

2. Deviated clicks 

3. Time 

4. Successful rate in completing tasks 

5. Entry-point

6. Qualitative Results: if users think this new function is usable, useful, and convenient. If they are likely to use that once is launched out, pain-points, a moment of satisfaction.

Marble Surface



Click Test + Follow Up Questions + Online Survey 


You are a parent in your 40's and is planning to send your15-year old child to study abroad in England. You now want to use LifePlanner to calculate the estimated budget that needs and other financial solutions to achieve this goal.

Model Portfolio.png



Think Aloud Test

Interviewee need to tell me(moderator)

1. What it is that they are trying to do?

2. what they are looking for and any decisions that they are making?

3. If they feel stuck or confused, I would like to hear that to be as honest as possible.

4. If they think something is awful, please say so. Don't be shy. You won't hurt anybody’s feelings since the App is designed for people like you. We really want to know what you really think and what works and doesn’t work for you.


Mental Walkthrough + Interview 

Square Stage
Mortage 2.png
Mortgage Planner App ​
Design Thinking Timeline  ​

1. Personas 

Identifies problems with proposed solutions 

Identifies users' goals 

2. User Research 

Find out behaviours, pain-points, emotions, touch-points of in different states of the customer journey:

Awareness > Info Search > Evaluation > Usage > Retention 


3. Ideation  & Assumptions 

Come up functions & features to tackle user's needs and fulfil their goals 

4. Wire-framing

5. Testing

Ask users to come up with a road-map of using the app based on their personas. Hence, to find out the chronological order of how people navigate the App on its functions.

Conduct Card-Sorting to find out the mental model of the App 

Conduct Tree-Testing to find out the navigation behaviour of users 

6. Prototyping 

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